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        ~~ Nursery - 5th grade ~~

CVBC Kids is dedicated to partnering with families with children from birth through 5th grade, as they raise their kids to love God, love others and change lives!

We partner with the family to lay a spiritual foundation that, in God’s timing, may lead a child into a growing relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our ministry to kids and families is biblically-based, relational, creative, engaging and relevant to life. It also supports the family in nurturing Christian values.

Your involvement in CVBC’s Children’s Ministry is important. Parental involvement enhances the experience your child has at church. It also enables you to acquaint yourself with the program format and content, as well as help your child facilitate friendships with other children. We encourage all parents to serve in Children’s Ministry.

To learn how you can become involved, please contact Whitney Falkenberg, Director. cvbc.whitney@gmail.com.