Relationship-driven ministry

·         We give preference to discipleship in a relationship context

·         Our ministries will be a starting point to intentionally move people toward relationship-based discipleship

·         Our relationship with our family and Christian brothers and sisters take precedence over religious busyness

Grace-giving ministry

·         We will assume the best motives of people

·         We will give people a means to redeem themselves

·         We will reflect the heart of Jesus who loves us freely without strings

Word-based & Spirit-empowered ministry

·         When considering our options we will always ask “What does the Word of God say?”

·         We recognize that our efforts, including religious works, accomplished apart from the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spiritare an act of the flesh and counterproductive. Prayer, seeking God's direction and empowerment is foundational to all we do

Transparency in ministry

·         We will model and encourage people to vocalize their problems, weaknesses and needs

·         We will provide an atmosphere in which people do not get punished for sharing their perspectives

Multiplication in ministry

·         While we welcome everyone to the CVBC fellowship, our ministry efforts will include a significant effort to see new souls or non-practicing Christian    join CVBC’s family. 

·         We believe each member is a commissioned missionary to their "Jerusalem" and beyond

Inclusion and non-religiosity in ministry

·         Rather than reserving ministry for a priestly class we will organize our ministry efforts to equip and involve every Christian in ministry

·         Rather than using religious buzzwords and rituals we will deliver our ministry efforts in the everyday language of our culture with as few rituals and religious rules as possible

Relevance in ministry

·         We will apply the timeless truths of Scripture in a language and style that this generation can understand and relate to

·         To the best of our ability we will do our best work in the areas that God calls each of us to minister