Welcome to the CVBC Library!

Our church is committed to providing resources for the entire family, including books, CD’s and DVD’s. Our library has an extensive selection of materials that can assist you in your daily walk with the Lord, help with parenting issues from birth through the teen years, guide you in starting a family night, strengthen your marriage and provide you with uplifting fiction, just a name a few. You can also find many books, CD’s, audios, videos and DVD’s for kids of all ages.

The CVBC library has an automated self-check out system. All you need to do is enter your patron ID number and scan the library materials you wish to check out. All returns can be placed in the return box in the library. If you do not have a patron ID number, you can fill out a form and an ID number will be given to you. While at the library computer, you also have the ability to search for materials in the church library. You can locate materials by author, title, subject or keyword. You are able to find the location and availability of each item, and you can reserve a copy if the item is not currently available.

The library committee will always accept donations of useful, up-to-date Christian materials. You can place your donations in the donation box found near the cabinet in the library.

If you haven’t already checked to see what the CVBC library has to offer, we would encourage you to come take a look!

Contacts: Jody Strand at jostrands@aol.com or Paulette Hedrington at  phedrington@sehinc.com