Bulletin for December 9, 2018


Sunday, December 9, 2018

* Welcome
* Song: O Come All Ye Faithful
* Greeting, Announcements, Prayer
* Songs: His Name Shall Be, The Way in a Manger, No Longer Slaves
* Message: Steve Hein

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Second Sunday of Advent
Worry Becomes Peace
Matthew 1:18-25

Shalom: God’s Peace, God’s Plan

Joseph’s Story:  The Law vs. Shalom

Our Shalom

What’s Happening at CVBC

· Please continue to be in prayer for Troy & Lindsay Solava with their baby Haddon, as they are scheduled to arrive in Chippewa Falls today! Pray for a good week as they settle in and prepare for Troy’s ministry here at CVBC. His first day in the office will be December 17. First Sunday message: January 6.

· Next Sunday afternoon is our Sunday School Christmas program. All ages are welcome to join us for “An Out-of-the-Box Christmas” at 3:30pm.

· We are beginning a prayer ministry for CVBC families. Each month the elders will get a list of families to be praying for. Each week 2 or 3 families from that list will be named in the bulletin and prayed for during the services. We are starting with family names of CVBC Members, but are happy to add everyone who wants to be included. If you’d like to be part of this list, please indicate so on the tear-off card and include name and email or phone.

· Please join the leadership in prayer this week for these CVBC brothers & sisters: Dave & Christine Bishop, Mike & Kelly Blake, Ken & Janell Briggs. The Briggs’ prayer requests: We have unsaved loved ones we would love to see brought into the fold. Also, we have decisions that need to be made regarding the direction for our business. Thank you. The Blakes’ requests: Please pray for our family in navigating all the changes — with my father in law's health, and as we are quickly approaching 3 of our 4 boys being graduated and out of the house or off to college.

· The annual GIVING TREE Ministry continues. Instructions are near the tree in the foyer. Red tags are still on the tree; these are for CVBC families. Gifts are due back ASAP. Thank you for participating.

· Our Christmas Eve service times will be 3:30 & 5:00pm Monday, Dec. 24.

· Christ-Centered Recovery meets 3x weekly: Tuesdays at 1pm, Thursdays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 8am. We use the Life Recovery Bible 12-Step Program. Anyone is welcome! Contact Jerry at gsolfest@gmail.com or (715) 379-0200.

· Financial Update: The 2018-19 fiscal budget: $487,115 ($40,592.92 monthly)  Giving for November: $53,248.33 (vs. $40,592.92 = 131.2%)  
YTD Income through November: $142,671.32 (vs. $121,778.76 = 117%)

Fellowship Fund Information for November 2018:
Donations: $3110, Account balance: $4970.20
$2000 was donated for Shared Ride Cards
$1049.50 was spent to assist CVBC and community families

Back of Bulletin:

Missionary Highlight:
Oscar & Karla Chiquitó
4 Avenida 1-36 Zona 4
Sumpango Sacatepéquez, 03004
Email: chsoscar@hotmail.com

Equipping Evangelical churches so they can impact their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Statistics show that 42% of the population of Guatemala (16 million) claim to be Evangelical Christians; however, the country is immersed in social problems such as corruption, crime, violence, drug trafficking, gang activities, etc. These problems are increasing day by day. The question is, where is the Evangelical population that should be making a positive impact among people? Sadly, only about 25% of the total Evangelical population has a better understanding of being a Christian, which reflects the concern about the quality of many of these Evangelical churches.

This reality has led Oscar & Karla to start the Impacting Guatemala Network (IGN), an interdenominational movement of Evangelical churches committed to develop disciples of Christ that impact the whole country of Guatemala. IGN serves churches in three areas: 1) Strategic Planning for the Local Church; strategic planning involves discovering God’s mission and vision for the church. It is a process of designing and implementing plans that allows the church to fulfill the Great Commission. 2) Leadership Development; leadership development is biblically equipping leaders to accomplish the church’s mission and vision. It is an ongoing training program that empowers current leaders and develops new leaders. 3) Partnership and Network. Partnerships are church to church relationships for mutual discipleship. IGN has organized the 85 churches, that the ministry is currently serving, into six districts located throughout Guatemala. Each district’s purpose is to mobilize resources, work together and grow together to expand God’s kingdom.

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for wisdom for the Chiquitós so they can live a godly and exemplary life as they lead others.
2. Pray that God will continue to provide godly leaders to work alongside Oscar & Karla.
3. Pray that God will protect the Chiquitó family as they travel to serve Evangelical churches.

Anniversary: January 22, 2005
Birthdays: Oscar: January 24, Karla: August 1
Emily: November 21, Emmanuel: September 12

CVBC Leaders & Staff

Elder Team:                           
Dave Daniels                 715-830-1403             daved@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham               715-937-4662            aland@cvbc.net
Matt Jewell                    715-254-5290            mattj@cvbc.net
Stuart Krause                 715-933-1422             stuartk@cvbc.net
Wayne Street                 715-456-9882            waynes@cvbc.net
Brent Tilton                    715-828-9552            brentt@cvbc.net

Elder Candidate:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Steve Hein

Deacon Team:
Joe Cherrier                     715-720-7718               joec@cvbc.net
Mark Hedrington             715-214-3840               markh@cvbc.net
Terry Huppert                 715-577-4846             terryh@cvbc.net

Heather Clutter                 Children’s Ministry Director        heatherc@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham                  Student Ministry Director            aland@cvbc.net
Jodi Jewell                        Music Director                              jodij@cvbc.net
Mary Jorstad                     Custodian                                     maryj@cvbc.net
Libby Krause                     Secretary                                      libbyk@cvbc.net
Chris Kriehn                      Office Manager                            chrisk@cvbc.net
Heather Woldhuis             Graphics Specialist                      heatherw@cvbc.net

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