Bulletin for Sunday, February 18, 2018


Sunday, February 18, 2018

* Welcome
* Song:  Blessed Be Your Name
* Greeting, Announcements, Prayer
* Songs: At the Cross (Love Ran Red), More Than Amazing, Agnus Dei
* Message: Wayne Street

Songs Used by Permission - CCLI License #356753
James 4:11-12
James the Just

1. Slander

2. Confrontation

3 Judging


What’s Happening at CVBC

· Ruby’s Pantry is this Tuesday, February 20. Food distribution is from 4:30-6pm. All are welcome. A $20 donation gets you up to $100+ worth of food! Volunteers are always welcome. See sign up sheet & form in foyer.

· ReviveWisconsin::Chippewa Valley is presenting two opportunities this week for you to learn more about the vision. A church service will be held on Feb. 21 (Wednesday at 6:30pm) at Valley Vineyard Church, and a community leaders’ lunch will be held at the Eagles Club the next day (Thursday, Feb. 22, at 11:30am). The lunch will be geared toward coaches, teachers, pastors, business leaders, etc. All are welcome to attend both events.

· Desirable Beauty Events presents: You Have a Name, an evening for  women and teens with a powerful message regarding the TRUTH of WHO WE ARE because of WHO GOD IS. Friday, March 2 at 7pm is Teen Night ($25). Saturday, March 3 at 4pm is Ladies’ Night ($40). Tickets are available in the foyer today after services or online at eventbrite.com. For more information, contact desirablebeautyevents@gmail.com.

· Get your tickets for The Parent’s Summit, a live one-day event being simulcast to CVBC Saturday, February 24, from 9am-3:30pm. Doors will open at 8:30. Each $25 ticket (or $30 per couple) includes coffee, snacks, lunch, and simulcast sessions. You may purchase tickets during the week at CVBC or pay at the door, but be sure to reserve your spot—see sign up sheets in foyer.

· Sign up for the 2018 Sportsmen’s Dinner on March 10. This event is open to all ages. Speakers: Terry Moulton, owner of Mouldy’s Tackle & Archery, and Bryan Harrenstein, DNR Game Warden. Doors open at 1:30pm, with speakers at 2:30 & 5pm, dinner at 4, drawings for door prizes throughout the afternoon, a Youth Archery Shoot, and vendors onsite for the day. Grand prize is a KAYAK! Sign up at the Sportsmen’s Dinner table in the foyer; a head count is needed for the delicious fish & game meal. Admission (at the door) is $25—family, $15—adults, $5—kids 12 yrs. and under.

· Christ-Centered Recovery meets 3x weekly: Tuesdays—1pm, Thursdays— 7pm, and Saturdays—8am. We use the Life Recovery Bible 12-Step Program. Anyone is welcome to join us! Contact Jerry at jerrys@cvbc.net.


Ministry Highlight:
Tech Team

We need help behind the scenes, especially on Sunday mornings! The CVBC Tech Team is a newer team that’s been put together to take care of church needs dealing with technology. This includes Sunday morning needs, like sound, lyrics projection, and video/live-streaming, as well as other technical needs, like computers, website, and social media.

If you have a passion for technology or media and would like to be a part of this ministry, we can use your help! We have opportunities for all levels of expertise, from simply pressing the space bar, to running the video camera or sound board, to trouble-shooting computer issues. Experience is helpful, but not necessary. Training will be provided.

Media Technician:                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Media Technicians help with projecting slides on the screen Sunday mornings. The time commitment is approximately one Sunday morning every 2 months. Training is provided to run the slides and all needed equipment, and to do minor editing.

Sound Technician:
Sound technicians help run the sound board Sunday mornings and for music rehearsals on Thursday evenings. This person handles the sound for the band, singers, and anyone who speaks, and records the message for online and CD use. Sound technicians are also needed for special services and events.

Video Technician:
The video technicians run the camera for live-streaming. As it is with all technology positions, volunteers will be on a rotational schedule.

Specific ministry contacts:
Sound: Jodi Jewell— jodij@cvbc.net
Graphics Specialist: Heather Woldhuis — heatherw@cvbc.net
Information Technology: Ric Johnson
Media: Derek Schmidt

Contact Jodi Jewell at jodij@cvbc.net or 723-2872 to get plugged in.


CVBC Leaders & Staff

Elder Team:                            
Tom Arneberg                715-726-1728            toma@cvbc.net
Dave Bishop*                 715-726-1887           daveb@cvbc.net
Dave Daniels                  715-830-1403            daved@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham                 715-937-4662             aland@cvbc.net
Matt Jewell                     715-254-5290            mattj@cvbc.net
Stuart Krause                 715-933-1422            stuartk@cvbc.net
Wayne Street                 715-456-9882             waynes@cvbc.net
Brent Tilton                    715-828-9552             brentt@cvbc.net
Jim Woldhuis                 715-271-1339                jimw@cvbc.net

* on sabbatical

Deacon Team:
Joe Cherrier                     715-720-7718                joec@cvbc.net
Mark Hedrington             715-214-3840               markh@cvbc.net
Heather Clutter                 Children’s Ministry Director         heatherc@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham                    Student Ministry Director             aland@cvbc.net
Jodi Jewell                        Music Director                              jodij@cvbc.net
Jeff Johnson                     Custodian                                      920-851-6804
Libby Krause                     Secretary                                       libbyk@cvbc.net
Chris Kriehn                      Office Manager                             chrisk@cvbc.net
Heather Woldhuis            Graphics Specialist                       heatherw@cvbc.net
Jim Woldhuis                     Preaching Elder                            jimw@cvbc.net
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