Bulletin for January 20, 2019


Sunday, January 20, 2019

* Welcome
* Song: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name with Sing to the King
* Greeting, Announcements, Prayer
* Songs: How Great is Our God, Jesus Messiah
* Message: Troy Solava
* Song: We Believe

Songs Used by Permission - CCLI License #356753

The Reign of Jesus
Colossians 1:15-17

The Main Idea: Jesus Christ authoritatively ________ over every square inch of the universe; so ________ your knee to Him and Him alone.

5 Reasons to bow your knee:
1. Jesus is fully _______. (v. 15)

2. Jesus _______ all that exists. (v.16)

3. All that exists is for ________. (v. 16)

4. Jesus existed __________ all else. (v. 17)

5. Jesus keeps all things___________. (v. 17)

Sermon discussion questions:
1.  What is something from the sermon or the passage that stood out to you?
2.  Why is it important to think deeply about Jesus? How does having deep beliefs about God affect our worship? Our actions?
3. How does one of the characteristics of Jesus, from verses 15-17, motivate you to submit to him?
What’s Happening at CVBC

· A 3-week Sharing Your Faith class will be offered during the 10:30 service starting  today (January 20). The class is being led by Brent Tilton and Clint Rudesill. Please sign up in the foyer at the Ministry Table.

· Giving Statements have been printed for 2018. Look for yours in your church mailbox (if you have one) or it’s been mailed to your home. Contact the CVBC office with questions: 723-2872 or office@cvbc.net.

· All of CVBC is invited to a 55th Anniversary Party for Bruce & Kathi Dressel on Saturday, February 9, from 4-8pm. Please sign up by Friday, February 1.

· Get to know each other in 2019! Wear the printed name tags to help us all learn each other’s names better. If you want a name tag, sign up at the table in the foyer. If your name tag is printed out, why not wear it? We’d like to get a feel for how beneficial the name tags are to our Sunday mornings so we’re going to start keeping track of them. Thanks for your participation.

· Weekly prayer for CVBC families: If you would like to be included in the prayer schedule, you can indicate so on the tear-off card and include name and email or phone.  

· Centershot Youth Archery Ministry’s 8-week winter session starts Saturday, January 26  and goes from 10am to Noon. It’s for ages 10+, there is no cost, and no archery experience is necessary. See the table in the foyer or contact the church office (723-2872) or Dennis Wolf @ 715-313-4311.

· Christ-Centered Recovery meets 3x weekly: Tuesdays at 1pm, Thursdays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 8am. We use the Life Recovery Bible 12-Step Program. Anyone is welcome! Contact Jerry at gsolfest@gmail.com or (715) 379-0200.
Back of Bulletin Ministry Highlight:

Welcome to the CVBC library! Our church is committed to providing resources for the entire family, including books, CD’s and DVD’s. The library has an extensive selection of materials that can assist you in your daily walk with the Lord, help with parenting issues from birth through the teen years, guide you in starting a family night, strengthen your marriage and provide you with uplifting fiction, just to name a few.

There library is automated; we have a self-check-out system. You just enter your patron ID number and scan your library materials at the computer.  If you do not have a patron ID number, you can fill out a form and an ID number will be given to you. While at the library computer, you also have the ability to search for materials in the church library. You can locate materials by author, title, subject or keyword. You are able to find the location and availability of each item, and you can reserve a copy if the item is not currently available. All returns can be placed in either return box in the library.

One way you can help the library expand is to collect ministry stamps from the Family Christian Store. You can request stamps each time you make a purchase. Another way to help the library is through donations. The library committee will always accept donations of useful, up-to-date Christian materials. A donation box is in the back corner of the library. Please pray for the materials in the library to lift up and encourage believers and to point the way for unbelievers.

If you would like to volunteer in the library, please contact either Paulette Hedrington (phedrington@sehinc.com) or Jody Strand (jostrands@aol.com). Even an hour per month would help! 

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CVBC Leaders & Staff

Elder Team:                              
Dave Daniels                 715-830-1403                        daved@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham                715-864-4406                        aland@cvbc.net
Steve Hein*                   715-802-6243                        heinss1521@gmail.com
Matt Jewell                    715-254-5290                        mattj@cvbc.net
Stuart Krause                715-933-1422                        stuartk@cvbc.net
Troy Solava*                  615-347-9368                        cvbc.troy@gmail.com
Wayne Street                715-456-8992                         waynes@cvbc.net
Brent Tilton                   715-828-9552                        brentt@cvbc.net
* candidate

Deacon Team:
Joe Cherrier 715-720-7718 joec@cvbc.net
Mark Hedrington 715-214-3840 markh@cvbc.net
Terry Huppert 715-577-4846 terryh@cvbc.net

Heather Clutter Children’s Ministry Director   heatherc@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham Student Ministry Director   aland@cvbc.net
Jodi Jewell Music Director   jodij@cvbc.net
Mary Jorstad Custodian   maryj@cvbc.net
Libby Krause Secretary   libbyk@cvbc.net
Chris Kriehn Office Manager   chrisk@cvbc.net
Troy Solava Teaching Elder   cvbc.troy@gmail.com
Heather Woldhuis Graphics Specialist       heatherw@cvbc.net