Bulletin for May 20, 2018


Sunday, May 20, 2018

* Welcome
* Song: The Love of the Father
* Greeting, Announcements, Prayer
* Songs: Good Good Father, Nailed to the Cross, Be Thou My Vision
* Message: Jim Woldhuis
* Song: Revelation Song

Songs Used by Permission - CCLI License #356753
HEAVEN Series # 7
Activity of Heaven
Selected Scriptures




What’s Happening at CVBC

· Today is the last day of Sunday School. Starting next Sunday (May 27) we’ll have our Family Room open during worship services. Nursery for newborns up through 3 years old will be available at all summer services.

· Extended Celebration for MOMS: Be sure to take your devotional gift home after the service today. They’re on a table in the foyer.

· We’ll be having a Q&A time to recap the Heaven Series on Sunday night, June 3, at 7pm. Everyone is invited.

· The Elders invite you to a new Family Prayer Time. Starting June 3 anyone can join the elders in prayer on the first Sunday of the month at 8:00am.

· Ladies, we’re starting a summer Bible study: Your Powerful Prayers by Susie Larson. Drawing from her own spiritual journey, radio host Larson shares the secrets to effective communication with God. Learn to pray specifically and persistently; overcome common hindrances; replace "begging and pleading" with "praying and believing"; and more. Tuesdays at 9am starting June 5. Sign up today!

· We will no longer be holding VBS this summer, as originally planned.  Instead, we will be spending the summer working on implementing some exciting changes to our weekly Children's Ministry programs. More information will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

· Christ-Centered Recovery meets 3x weekly: Tuesdays—1pm, Thursdays— 7pm, and Saturdays—8am. We use the Life Recovery Bible 12-Step Program. Anyone is welcome! Contact Peter at cvccrp@yahoo.com or 715-338-6922.

Ministry Highlight:

We’re super-thankful for our amazing Sunday School teachers & staff and for another incredible year!

Megan & Bobby Postle - PreSchool
Jodi Danielson - PreSchool
Rick & Sierra Klein - PreSchool
Stephanie Wilson - PreSchool
Nancy & Mark Schroetter - Kindergarten, Middle School Boys
Janell Briggs - 1st grade
Rheanna Fauske - 1st grade
Tom & Phyllis Henkelmann - 2nd grade
James & Jill Kirchen - 3rd grade
Cris Bishop, Libby Krause, Mary Wolf - 4/5 grade girls
Steve Leahy, Dennis Wolf, 4/5 grade girls
Kevin & Emily Mason - Super Substitutes
Lynn Cherrier - Middle School girls
Stuart Krause - Middle School boys
Rich & Kathy Ward - High School
Alan & Emily Dunham - High School
Kelsy Marano, Drew Murray - OUTLOUD
Julie Endvick - Sunday School Coordinator


CVBC Leaders & Staff

Elder Team:                           
Dave Bishop*                 715-726-1887           daveb@cvbc.net
Dave Daniels                  715-830-1403            daved@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham                 715-937-4662             aland@cvbc.net
Matt Jewell                     715-254-5290            mattj@cvbc.net
Stuart Krause                 715-933-1422            stuartk@cvbc.net
Wayne Street                 715-456-9882             waynes@cvbc.net
Brent Tilton                    715-828-9552             brentt@cvbc.net
Jim Woldhuis                 715-271-1339                jimw@cvbc.net

* on sabbatical

Deacon Team:
Joe Cherrier                     715-720-7718                joec@cvbc.net
Mark Hedrington             715-214-3840               markh@cvbc.net
Heather Clutter                 Children’s Ministry Director         heatherc@cvbc.net
Alan Dunham                    Student Ministry Director             aland@cvbc.net
Jodi Jewell                        Music Director                              jodij@cvbc.net
Jeff Johnson                     Custodian                                      920-851-6804
Libby Krause                     Secretary                                       libbyk@cvbc.net
Chris Kriehn                      Office Manager                             chrisk@cvbc.net
Heather Woldhuis            Graphics Specialist                       heatherw@cvbc.net
Jim Woldhuis                     Preaching Elder                            jimw@cvbc.net
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