Thanks for checking out Chippewa Valley Bible Church!

We are a church passionate about Jesus Christ. We believe that our purpose is to teach the Good News of Jesus, to live like Jesus, and to worship Jesus in all things. If you share that purpose with us, we would love for you to join us! But also, if you are unsure about Jesus or the “church thing,” we would love to have you, too. We strive to be loving, gracious, and welcoming to all -- whether you are committed to Christ or skeptical of Him.

Here are few things that we really value at CVBC:

Gospel-Centrality: We are committed to sharing, teaching, and living out the good news of Jesus. We believe it is only the Gospel that brings new life and it is only the Gospel that brings a growing Christian life.

Expository Preaching: We are committed to preaching the very words of God. God’s Word is perfect, so why mess with it? Essentially, we preach the same truths that the biblical authors wrote about. We do not shy away from what God has revealed to us in Scripture.

Imitating the Love of God: We are committed to showing hospitality, kindness, and grace to all who visit us. We strive to be representatives of our loving God. If you are in need of prayer, encouragement, or a place to belong, then CVBC is the place for you.

People-Driven: We are committed to ministering to people. Though we have events and programs, we are committed to people and would love to have you to join us, no matter your stage of life. We are not geared toward any specific age or season of life. Rather, we believe the Gospel and church of Jesus is for all people.

Please consider joining us on a Sunday morning. We have services at 9:00 and 10:30am. You can also learn a lot about our children’s, youth, and adult ministries on our website. If you have any questions or simply desire to reach out to us, please give us a call (715-723-2872).                                We would love to meet you! 

In Christ, Troy Solava Teaching Elder