Hey! Thanks for checking out Chippewa Valley Bible Church, a non-denominational church. With all the ministries, home groups, small and mega-churches out there, you reading this is no accident. So I promise to try not to bore you with a whole bunch of church terms and slogans.

God is totally awesome and beyond our limited capacity to comprehend and understand. So we allow God to be God and seek to remain as humble as we can before Him. God created us in His image so we best not make Him in ours. We do not have all the answers, but we know the One who does.

The Bible IS God’s recorded Word. All of it. Every word of it. When it comes to deciding how to live life, what is right, what is wrong (stuff like that), we look to the Bible.

We (mankind) really blew it and are all trapped in a life of sin. BUT for God, BUT for His grace, we would have no hope. His hope is spelled JESUS. Jesus rescues us from sin, guilt, shame, death and more. Life is found in Jesus. We are unashamed, born again followers of Jesus. Jesus is WHO we are all about.

His mission is our mission: To introduce people to His Grace so we can become His disciples. That is WHAT we are about. Loving God, Loving People, so that we can watch Him Change Lives! CVBC is all about helping people develop a more intimate and active life in Jesus.

So if you have had it with religious, jumping-through-the-hoops Christianity, and are looking for a real connection with the Real God, check out CVBC. (There is a lot more in this website.) If you want to be stretched, nurtured, encouraged and nudged to grow in a close, active and vibrant faith, come join us on your journey.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Jim Woldhuis